Tradition meets modernity

Conviviality, fun and beautiful moments are predetermined with us

In our choir you can expect exciting and thrilling moments that will still give you goosebumps and bring a smile to your face years later. With us you will be able to amaze an international audience with modern but also traditional choral singing. This leads to feelings of happiness that you will never forget.

We were last allowed to take part in the "World Choir Games" in Riga/Latvia in 2014 and in the legendary international choir competition "Eisteddfod" in Llanggollen/Wales in 2017. What we experienced at these events was indescribably beautiful - you simply have to be there.

During a concert tour in 2019 to Helsingborg/Sweden, we made new friends from the choir "Kvartettsängsällskapet", with whom we gave a beautiful concert during our visit to Sweden. Here we could enjoy the Swedish hospitality and were shown some customs. We also had the pleasure of welcoming our friends to our concert "Man(n) singt deutsch und...." in Pohlheim - it was a wonderful concert afternoon.

This is only a fraction of the highlights you will experience in our association - promised. Our choirmaster, board and singers are always collecting ideas for future activities that are fun and provide a balance to the stressful everyday life. If there is no event coming up, our choir rehearsals are the perfect balance - you can really switch off and come down. Why not give it a try and come along - we look forward to seeing you.

Apart from singing, we also have a lot of nice things to experience. From our cosy fountain singing at the winter solstice to a traditional "egg dinner" to a convivial barbecue evening among friends, everything is there.

Come along - conviviality, fun and beautiful moments are predetermined with us.

GV Sängerkranz 1876 Watzenborn-Steinberg e.V.