Our club house - from the beginning

Since the foundation of the Gesangverein Sängerkranz 1876 Watzenborn-Steinberg e.V., our club pub has been the Hotel & Restaurant Goldener Stern.

Johannes Dern 2nd - "tamperer of fruit wine, beer and brandy, butcher for wages and yeast trade, brewer of beer up to 100 ohms" - is considered the first innkeeper and founder of the "Goldener Stern" in 1843.

The family business, now in its 7th generation, under the management of Melanie and Jörg Eckel, ensures that the "Sängerkränzler" find optimal conditions for their "training sessions" (choir rehearsals):

  • A large hall with very good acoustics,
  • a restaurant with a recognised reputation for upmarket, home-style cooking,
  • a rustic farmhouse parlour - not only for board meetings,
  • a cosy terrace for relaxation before and after the (summer) choir rehearsals.



It goes without saying that many of our club members also host their family celebrations at the Goldener Stern. Often combined with a serenade by the Sängerkranz choirs.


Hotel & Restaurant Goldener Stern
Families Eckel & Karber
Kreuzplatz 6
35415 Pohlheim
Phone: +49 6403 61624
Fax: +49 6403 68426

Further information at:


https://www.hotelgoldenerstern.com/news/ (current news)

https://www.hotelgoldenerstern.com/#restaurant (current menu)