Outstanding events

Gesangverein Sängerkranz 1876 Watzenborn-Steinberg e.V.

Dear readers,

Here is a list of our most noteworthy events of the last 50 years. Have fun browsing!

Saturday, 18.04.1970 - Volkshalle Watzenborn-Steinberg - "Songs of the World" - Concert for the benefit of "Deutsche Sporthilfe". Participants were: FRED-SCHECHER-CHOR, Anne Rose Seuffert (soprano) and Werner Kolter (baritone); patron of the event was the then Prime Minister of Hesse Albert Osswald.

Weekend 22 to 24 May 1976 - 100th anniversary of the association with a large choir competition.

Sunday, 21.03.1982 - "HR" Goethe Rally held throughout Hesse. The event was started by the GV "Sängerkranz" with Goethe songs.

Saturday, 06.11.1982 - 1st gala concert of the GV "Sängerkranz" with the chamber singer Rudolf Schock, accompanied on the grand piano by Hellmut Hidegheti in front of almost 1,200 listeners in the Volkshalle in Watzenborn-Steinberg.

Saturday, 15.10.1988 - 2nd Gala Concert of the GV "Sängerkranz" with the chamber singer Hermann Prey, accompanied on the piano by Prof. Helmut Deutsch and the Frankfurt Horn Quartet. The Volkshalle was once again filled to capacity.

From 28 March to 2 April 1990 the GV "Sängerkranz" Watzenborn-Steinberg took part for the first time outside Germany in the 1st International Choir Competition in Riva del Garda (Italy). They won a silver diploma and achieved the third best score of the 15 participating German choirs.

Saturday, 09.03.1991 - Birthday concert 115 years GV "Sängerkranz". Participating choirs were the two male choirs of the GV "Sängerkranz", the Singakademie Cottbus e.V. and the GV "Harmonie" Bernbach.

Saturday, 23.11.1991 - International Gala Concert at the Alte Oper Frankfurt. Participating choirs were GV "Eintracht" Watzenborn-Steinberg, GV "Frohsinn" Langgöns, MGV "Jugendfreund" Watzenborn-Steinberg, GV "Liederkranz" Leihgestern and the GV "Sängerkranz" Watzenborn-Steinberg.

Saturday, 02.05.1992 - Choir concert of the Förderverein der Singakademie Cottbus e.V. at the conservatory in Cottbus with the GV "Sängerkranz" and the choir "junge vocale Sängerkranz".

Saturday, 07.11.1992 - 3rd Gala Concert of the GV "Sängerkranz" with the chamber singer Peter Schreier, accompanied on the piano by Walter Olbertz from Weimar. The Volkshalle was once again filled to capacity.

Saturday, 26.03.1994 - Sängerkranz Choir - Gala 94 in the Volkshalle. Participants were the two own choirs as well as the GV 1845 Meerholz, the mixed choir "Treue" Salchendorf and the male choir "Cäcilia" Lindenholzhausen.

January 1995 - Peter Schmitt takes over the "Sängerkranz" choir from Hans Weiß who had been choirmaster of the "Sängerkranz" since 1959.

Saturday, 04.04.1995 - Concert in honour of our former choir director Hans Weiß. With a great concert, also featuring the opera singer Gerhard Brückel, we were able to say thank you once again to our long-time choir director Hans Weiß.

After the dissolution of our choir "Junge vocale", the choir project "Achter" was launched in the GV Sängerkranz. Several concerts and other events were held and the choir was invited to many events, concerts and serenades, also to international performances.

Spring 1996 - The GV "Sängerkranz" went on a concert tour to Italy with choirmaster Peter Schmitt. In the cathedral of Pietra Ligure, the choir took part in the church service. About 700 listeners enjoyed the vocal performances of our choir. The concert with the mixed choir "Associaziobe Troubar Clair" was also a great success in the packed cultural centre of Bordighera.

Sunday, 13.10.1996 - Sunday morning - Matinee at the end of the 120th anniversary of the Sängerkranz. Participants were the MGV "Harmonie" Lindenholzhausen, GV "Einigkeit" Rudersdorf with the women's and men's choir, GV "Harmonie" Daubringen and the birthday choir "GV Sängerkranz".

12.02.1999 - The "Achter" took part in the Hesse quiz "8..., und fertig los" and received rapturous applause for the a cappella performance "Wochenend und Sonnenschein". The programme was recorded in the Kassel studio of Hessischer Rundfunk. On Friday, 26 February 1999, the Hessenquiz was broadcast on Hessian Television from 8:15 pm. The town of Pohlheim had won the Hessenquiz with 15:14 against Bad Wildungen.

June 1999 - Participation of the male choir "Sängerkranz" 1876 Watzenborn-Steinberg in an international competition at the GV "Harmonie" Lindenholzhausen. A total of 10 male choirs from Belgium, England, Estonia and Germany took part in this competition. The GV "Sängerkranz" had prepared very well and was able to receive a Golden Diploma and took 2nd place in the male choir category.

07 - 16.07.2000 - 1st Choir Olympics in Linz/Austria 2000. In the large male choir class the GV "Sängerkranz" achieved a gold medal with 83.13 points and became Olympic champion. About 3,000 guests and listeners were present at the award ceremony. Nobody had expected such a success, and the Olympic victory was celebrated accordingly exuberantly.

The choir "Achter" made two concert trips to Hungary before disbanding. Both trips led to Lake Balaton. Here they sang together with the choir from Zirc twice in the twin town of Zirc. After that, the "Achter" choir project came to an end.

02.12.2001 - 10th Hessian Choir Competition 2001 - 7 choirs entered the category C 2 male choirs. With the 3rd place and a score of 21.08 the GV "Sängerkranz" secured the possibility to participate in the German Choir Competition in Osnabrück in May 2002.

Aug. 2002 - Cologne Cathedral - participation in the Saturday service at 17:00. Participation in the service was a special honour for all singers. Just to be able to sing the choral work "Ave Maria" by Franz Biebl here was a great pleasure for our choir.

08.11.2003 - Sängerkranz Choir Gala 2003. With the great participating choirs. Women's choir "Eintracht - Edelweiss" Horbach, "Vocal Cords" Pohlheim, Cantabile Limburg and the GV "Sängerkranz".

08 - 18 July 2004 - Choir Olympics 2004 in Bremen (Germany) - The GV "Sängerkranz" had the pleasure to compete in the Choir Olympic Competition (Round II) with the choirs "Cäcilia" and "Harmonie" Lindenholzhausen. With 82.38 points, the GV "Sängerkranz" achieved a golden diploma and reached 2nd place in the male choir class.

December 2005 - For the first time, the GV "Sängerkranz" gave an Advent concert in Erfurt together with the Erfurt "Steigerwald" Choir in the Ägidienkirche. During our visit to Erfurt, the beautiful Christmas market was also visited.

The GV "Sängerkranz" Watzenborn-Steinberg hosted the last fair of all the Watzenborn-Steinberg singing clubs from 01 to 04 September 2006. For more than 3,000 listeners the "Höhner" from Cologne played to a huge party and had their joy to make music in the festival tent in Watzenborn-Steinberg.

19.11.2006 - Joint birthday concert of the choirs GV "Harmonie" and GV "Sängerkranz" from Watzenborn-Steinberg. Participants were the "vocale" Sängerkranz and the worldwide known ensemble "Amarcord".

09.12.2006 - „Winter Choir Concert" - Participants: "vocal Cords" Pohlheim, GV "Sängerkranz" Watzenborn-Steinberg and the women's choir "Cäcilia" Lindenholzhausen.

19.10.2008 - Concert "Man(n) singt deutsch". For the first time the concert "Man(n) singt deutsch" was held by the GV "Sängerkranz", the "vocale" Sängerkranz and the tenor Gerhard Brückel in the Christuskirche in Watzenborn-Steinberg. This was very well received by the audience, which led to the series of concerts "Man(n) singt deutsch" and "Man(n) singt deutsch und ....." from 2009 until today.

13.07.2009 - 6th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition in Wernigerode. The GV "Sängerkranz" achieved the desired gold diploma and the 1st class prize in the male choir class with 22.22 points. A great success.

08.11.2009 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 2." From now on all the following concerts until today were held in the Hans Weiss Hall in the Volkshalle, Watzenborn-Steinberg. Participants were the GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale" Sängerkranz as well as the soprano Cornelia Muth and the musician Suzanne Reeber.

30.05.2010 - Hessischer Sängerbund e. V. Oberursel - Ceremony on the occasion of the presentation of the "Zelter Plaque" and the "Pro Musica Plaque" awarded by the Federal President. The GV "Sängerkranz" framed the award ceremony with four vocal performances. The event was held as part of the Hessentag in Stadtallendorf.

07.11.2010 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 3." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", "vocale" Sängerkranz, Andreas Czerney (bass-baritone), Hermann Wilhelmi (piano) and the horn quartet of the Liebigschule Gießen.

December 2010 - Advent concert Bamberg. The GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale" Sängerkranz could impress very many listeners of the concert. The concert was sung in the Sankt-Otto-Kirche in Bamberg.

06.11.2011 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 4." Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", "vocale" Sängerkranz, MGV "Eintracht" Hüttenberg, MGV "Liederkranz" Netphen, and MGV "Harmonie" Bernbach.

04.11.2012 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 5." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", "vocale" Sängerkranz, "Eintracht" Steinbach and presenter and cabaret artist Martin Gärtner.

05.12.2012 - Advent Concert Münster. A great concert in the Liebfrauenkirche - Überwasserkirche with over 500 listeners. The boys' choir of the Münster Cathedral "Capella" and the girls' choir of the Münster Cathedral with great children's voices could also be heard.

03.11.2013 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 6." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", "vocale" Sängerkranz, GV "Eintracht" Watzenborn-Steinberg, GV "Germania" Watzenborn-Steinberg, GV "Harmonie" Watzenborn-Steinberg and GV "Jugendfreund".

08.12.2013 - Advent concert "Liederkranz" Netphen, GV "Sängerkranz", and Dietmar Wengenroth on trumpet.

12.07.2014 - "World Choir Games" Riga/Latvia - the GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale" Sängerkranz went to Riga together. The two choirs were supported by some external singers from the Watzenborn-Steinberg area. The successful performance was rewarded with a silver diploma. In the following weeks after our return, we had some nice hours with the subsequently named "Project Choir Riga".

02.11.2014 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 7." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", Watzenborn-Steinberg, GV "Frohsinn" Langgöns, project choir "Riga" in the GV "Sängerkranz" and the presenter and soloist Andreas Czerney.

01.11.2015 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 8." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz" Watzenborn-Steinberg, "vocale" Sängerkranz, "Cäcilia" Lindenholzhausen and "Concordia" Münchholzhausen and soprano Nicole Tamburro

06.11.2016 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 9." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", the "vocale" Sängerkranz, the GV "Harmonie" Lindenholzhausen and the Männerquartett Naturtrüb.

09.12.2016 - 8th Christmas concert in aid of Lebenshilfe Wetzlar - Weilburg e.V. in Wetzlar Cathedral - participants were the Wetzlar brass band, the choir "TonArt" Cäcilia Nauborn, the GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale" Sängerkranz from Watzenborn-Steinberg. The Wetzlar Cathedral was completely sold out.

04.06.2017 - Harmonie-Festival Lindenholzhausen - At this choir competition the "vocale" Sängerkranz were awarded a silver diploma (21 points) and the GV "Sängerkranz" a silver diploma (21.2 points). With the very good competition of this contest, the silver diplomas were something special.

05.11.2017 - "Man(n) singt deutsch und ….. 10." - Participants: Women's choir "Catando Cantabile" Wiesbaden, "VocaLio" of the Liebigschule Gießen as well as the GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale "Sängerkranz".

04.11.2018 - "Man(n) singt deutsch 11." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", "vocale" Sängerkranz, men's choir "LahnVokal - a master choir from Bad Laasphe (NRW) and the men's quintet "Handvoll" Oppenrod.

01 - 02.12.2018 - Christmas concert trip to Naumburg an der Saale - On Saturday evening, a concert was performed on the Christmas market stage by the GV "Sängerkranz". On Sunday morning, a church service of the Catholic parish of St. Peter and Paul in Naumburg/Saale was organised and directly afterwards a Christmas concert was performed.

02.11.2019 - "Man(n) singt deutsch und ..... 12." - Participants: GV "Sängerkranz", "vocale" Sängerkranz, "Kvartettsängsällskapet I Helsingborg", mezzo-soprano Michaela Wehrum and on the piano: Wolfgang Wels.

Then came February 2020 with the "Corona" pandemic and singing came to a standstill.

However, the GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale" Sängerkranz immediately reacted to the situation and held the choir rehearsals - as online rehearsals or presence rehearsals in compliance with official requirements - despite the difficult circumstances.

We hope, however, that joint choir rehearsals will be held again soon and that we will be able to perform in public again.

Pohlheim, 27.02.2021

Thorben Reuter and Karl-Heinz Gros