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Lament of Love - The Sunday Song in September 2022

Soon A Will Be Done - The Sunday Song in August 2022

The Night - The Sunday Song in July 2022

The Sunday songs from January to June 2022

The Sunday songs from May to December 2021

The Sängerkranz on YouTube


On the Sängerkranz YouTube channel you can find numerous videos of the Sängerkranz choirs!

The Sängerkranz on "ImTakt - The Choir Radio"


ImTakt - the choir-radio: We play choral music of all genres by amateur choirs mainly from Germany!

The Sängerkranz choirs can be heard regularly on the programmes "Alles Männersache", "Choir goes Pop" and "Chormusik nonstop", according to the current broadcasting schedule:

Monday8:00 am"Alles Männersache"
Monday9:00 pm"Alles Männersache"
Tuesday10:00 am"Alles Männersache"
Wednesday8:00 am"Alles Männersache"
Wednesday2:00 pm"Alles Männersache"
Thursday8:00 pm"Alles Männersache"
Friday12:00 pm"Alles Männersache"
Friday9:00 pm"Alles Männersache"
Saturday8:00 am"Alles Männersache"
Saturday4:00 pm"Alles Männersache"
Sunday4:00 pm"Alles Männersache"