The Sunday Song in May 2022

At the request of the young choirmaster Hans Weiß, the Sängerkranz Youth Quartet was founded in 1951. Under his direction, the 13 singers took part in numerous events in the central Hessian region.

The Sunday Song in May 2022

One of the highlights for the singers was certainly their participation in the popular television programme of the Hessian Broadcasting Company "Zum Blauen Bock" on 15.02.1964. In addition, a record was made at the Ravenstein recording studio in Frankfurt a. M. on 12 February 1958. The recording of today's Sunday song is from this record. In keeping with today's 1st May, we have chosen the song "Wandern in Mai" for you.

Title: "Hiking in May"

Composition: Hans Weiß

Artist: Youth Quartet of the Gesangverein Sängerkranz