Outstanding events

Burschenschaftschor "Gemütlichkeit", "junge vocale Sängerkranz" and "vocale Sängerkranz" choir

Dear readers,

The following is a list of our noteworthy events since the founding of our original fraternity choir.

foundation of our original fraternity choir. Have fun browsing through it!

June 1984 - 1st performance of the "Gemütlichkeit" fraternity choir at a fraternity meeting in the neighbouring town of Leihgestern. The following weekend, the "Gemütlichkeit" fraternity choir was founded and Peter Schmitt has been its director ever since.

Saturday, 31.01.1987 - Own 1st concert of the boys' choir "Gemütlichkeit" - "Young choirs and soloists invite" in the Volkshalle in Watzenborn-Steinberg. Participating choirs: Young Choir of the GV "Liederkranz" Zellhausen, Youth Quartet "Postherian Harmonists" of the GV "Teutonia" Bernbach and the soloists were Soprano Cornelia Muth; Gerhard Brückel (Tenor ) and Prof. Heinz Sosnitza on the piano.

Autumn 1987 - Radio recording by the station HR 4 with the Burschenschaftschor "Gemütlichkeit".

Autumn 1988 - Radio recording with the Burschenschaftschor "Gemütlichkeit" with a recording of Radio Lahn from HR 4. As a result we were invited by the guest conductor Gotthilf Fischer to the event ARD - Sport - Gala 1988 in Ludwigsburg.

Sunday, 04.12.1988 - Sports Gala 1988 in Ludwigsburg. The pop song "Go for Gold" was performed with the Fischer choirs. The singers of the "Gemütlichkeit" fraternity choir had the opportunity to come into contact with big show stars like "Udo Jürgens" and "Jennifer Rush" at this event.

Saturday, 10.03.1990 the Burschenschaftschor "Gemütlichkeit" was renamed "junge vocale Sängerkranz".

Saturday, 20.10.1990 - Concert of the choir "junge vocale Sängerkranz" entitled "Premiere". The radio announcer of HR 4, Heinz-Günter Heygen, moderated the concert. Participating choirs were the Young Choir Lindenholzhausen, the Suhl Male Choir and the Klangfarben Gießen.

April 1993 - first foreign concert tour of the "junge vocale Sängerkranz" to Prague with two concerts.

Sunday, 07.11.1993 - 8th Hessian Choir Competition "93" of the Hessian Singers' Association in the broadcasting hall of the Hessian Broadcasting Company. In the men's choir class the "junge vocale Sängerkranz" achieved 4th place out of 10 participating men's choirs.

Saturday, 15.10.1994 - Concert "Festival 94" Besides the "junge vocale Sängerkranz", "Camerata vocale" Dutenhofen, the youth choir of the Jugendmusikförderkreis Pohlheim and "VOCAL TOTAL" Wallmerod as well as the baritone Joachim Seipp from Watzenborn-Steinberg took part.

January 1995 - At the invitation of Federal Minister of Building Klaus Töpfer, guest speaker at the New Year's Reception of the local CDU, the "junge vocale Sängerkranz" travelled to Berlin on 12 June 1995 and took part in a presentation of the Ministry - inauguration of the Smuts Barracks.

Autumn 1995 - Concert tour to the German capital Berlin with a concert in the Gedächtniskirche. After this, the "junge vocale Sängerkranz" was to take a creative break.

Saturday, 14.01.1996 - The last concert for the time being, "Happy End" with the "Junger Chor" of the Harmonie Daubringen and our "junge vocale Sängerkranz" was held in the Volkshalle. Here the CD recording was presented. The CD "Happy End" was sold out very quickly.

After this concert the choir "junge vocale Sängerkranz" was disbanded which moved some singers and fans to tears.

At the end of 2001, it was realised that some singers wanted to form a second choir. Now the "vocale" Sängerkranz were brought back to life.

19.05.2002 - When the choir rehearsals of the "vocale" Sängerkranz started again at the end of 2001, it was planned to visit a wine prize singing in spring or summer 2002. The result was a visit to the 4th International Robert Schumann Choir Competition in Zwickau. In the category "B 2", on 19.05.2002, we had the soldier choir "Voskressenye" from Samara (Russia) as a competitor. With 20,60 points we got a golden diploma of level 1. For the shortness of the preparation this was already a very big success.

23.06.2002 - Grand rally at the fire brigade festival of the Watzenborn-Steinberg voluntary fire brigade with the performance of the German national anthem by the "vocale" Sängerkranz.

26.04.2004 - "vocale" Sängerkranz - choir project day in Nieder-Roden. In the final concert, the workshop choirs and the men's ensemble proved how stimulating choral singing can be. The press gave the choir high praise.

01.10.2005 - German Male Choir Festival "Man(n) singt" in Essen. In the category A III 6 choirs competed. The "vocale" Sängerkranz achieved a very good 2nd place with 22.20 points as well as the third best score of the whole competition and choirmaster Peter Schmitt received the special prize "Choir Direction" for his excellent performance.

May 2007 - "2nd Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival" in Truro/Cornwall. 12 male choirs took part in the small male choir class. With 88 points the "vocale" were 2nd winners of the competition. The following day the "vocale" went to St. Petroc`s Church in Bodmin to sing a concert with two choirs from England and one from Cornwall. The trip was rounded off by a visit to London including a city tour.

16.05.2009 - "Jubiläumskonzert" 25 years of "vocale" Sängerkranz. The following choirs congratulated the "vocale": the upper school choir of the Liebigschule Gießen, "DelicaTon" Freigericht, "Chorona-Buseck" and "Carpe Diem".

April 2011 - 13th International Choir Competition and Festival in Budapest/Hungary. The "vocale" Sängerkranz sang in the male choir class and achieved a very good second place. As a prize the "vocale" were presented with a silver diploma.

09.05.2015 - 3rd Sacred Choir Competition, Frickhofen. The "vocale" Sängerkranz sang in the male choir class 3a and won with a total of 89.00 points and received a gold diploma.

12.06.2016 - Limburg Male Choir Festival - The "vocale" Sängerkranz took part in this choir festival of the "Cäcilia" Lindenholzhausen. The performance in Limburg was rewarded with 22.0 points and a gold diploma. The third place in the category male choir - folk song was a great success.

05.07. - 10.07.2017 - Choir trip to the International Choir Competition 2017 in Llangollen in Wales - Festival International Musical Eisteddfod, Wales - the "vocale" Sängerkranz were excellently prepared and as the last choir of the male choir class had shown what they had to offer vocally. The audience of the competition was almost out of their minds. But unfortunately it was not enough for the jurors to place us among the first three choirs.

12.11.2017 - Hessian Choir Competition in Schlitz - the "vocale" Sängerkranz scored 20 points and came fourth.

22 - 26.04.2019 - Concert tour to Copenhagen/Denmark and Helsingborg/ Sweden - Spontaneously the choir "vocale" Sängerkranz performed a concert in the pedestrian zone in Copenhagen. By chance, a French TV team was on site and recorded the concert in its entirety. It can be assumed that our concert is still being shown on television in France today. The following day we drove on to Helsingborg. Here we sang a well-attended concert together with the choir "Kvartettsängsällskapet I Helsingborg", conducted by Bo Isgar. The concert was concluded with joint German and Swedish choral literature. The Swedish choir was then invited to a concert event in Watzenborn-Steinberg and took part in our concert series "Man(n) singt Deutsch und .....12" in November 2019.

Then came February 2020 with the "Corona" pandemic and singing came to a standstill.

However, the GV "Sängerkranz" and the "vocale" Sängerkranz immediately reacted to the situation and held the choir rehearsals - as online rehearsals or presence rehearsals in compliance with official requirements - despite the difficult circumstances. 

We hope, however, that joint choir rehearsals will be held again soon and that we will be able to perform in public again.

Pohlheim, 27.02.2021

Thorben Reuter and Karl-Heinz Gros